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B3 Transplanter

Small Test

Description: B3 Mechanical transplanter for planting cell plugs. Purchased new in 2007. Planted 60 000 plants per year for the first five years. Seldom use after that. Has been modified so that it can be offset if desired (to plant a double row). 3 point hitch. 25 hp can easily pull it. Can plant as close as 7 inches apart. Can easily adjust planting spacing up to 30 inches. Owner's manual included. Opens a furrow, the cones drop a plant, a packer lever packs the plant, and the rear wheels pack the surrounding soil. Water tank automatically gives water to each plant (amount is adjustable). Ground driven.

Asking Price: 2200


Name: Trevor & Cindy Aleman

Company: Busy Bea's Market Garden

Address: Box 153

Phone: 403-553-2343