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Ehrenholz Beef

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Description: Ehrenholz Beef is raised from birth to finished weight at the family farm. We feed some grain to finish, so this is not 100% grass fed beef. The beef is butchered at Barrhead Custom Meats and we deliver to all parts of Alberta. Customers can order the following: - a mixed quarter (approx 100 lbs - $685) - a half (approx 200 lbs - $1,350) - a whole (approx 400 lbs - $2,700) - 50 lbs - $300 All orders can be customized except the 50-lb order. We will be butchering beef for sale to the public for the last time on August 14. It's local, it's delicious, and it's good ol' fashioned Alberta beef.

Asking Price: $300-$2,700


Name: Valerie Ehrenholz

Company: Ehrenholz Farms

Address: RR #3

Phone: 780-674-0822