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AFFPA Plant Order Form

AFFPA starts taking plants orders in November of each year. The form is on line and easy to use. After you submit your order, it will email you a copy.

We had to make some guesses as to plants per box. If the number of plants per box changes, we will notify you and may have to adjust the order size ie. if seascape is packaged in 1200 per box instead of 1500 per box, we will adjust the price.

As well we have not gotten prices from the Nova Scotia supplier so if there is a drastic change we will need to adjust those prices.

Please note the address change for mailing cheques

AFFPA c/o Box 222 Rolling Hills, AB T0J 2S0

Payment can also be made by e-transfer to

Call the AFFPA office at 403 964-3276 or cell 403 977-7405 if you have any questions. You can also text me on the cell number.

Please choose your plants below

Strawberry Plants

* Late Pricing
Product Price Number of units Total Price
Strawberry Plants - US Supplier - 3000 bareroot plants per unit
June Bearing
Cavendish 750.00
Clancy 1050.00
Honeoye 750.00
Kent 750.00
Malwina 1175.00
Puget Crimson * 750.00
Puget Reliance * 750.00
Rainier * 815.00
Day Neutrals
Albion* 815.00
Evie 2 1050.00
San Andreas * 815.00
Seascape 815.00
Tristar 875.00
Eastern Canada Supplier - 3000 bareroot plants per unit
June Bearing
E-Kent 750.00
E-Cavendish 750.00
E-Cabot 815.00
E-Valley Sunset 815.00
* Includes Royalty Fees
Discount 12 unit + discount $30/unit
Strawberry Order Total

Rasberry Plants

Product Price Number of units Total Price
Raspberry Canes - BC Supplier - 200 canes per unit
Autumn Bliss - Primocane * 750.00
Boyne - Floricane * 550.00
Raspberry Canes - Nova Scotia - 200 canes per unit
Boyne - Floricane * 550.00
Nova - Floricane 550.00
Red River - Primocane * 550.00
Double Delight - Primocane * 550.00
* Recommended raspberry varieties for Alberta
Rasberry Order Total

Rhubarb Plants

Product Price Number of units Total Price
Rhubarb Plants - BC Supplier - 10 bareroot plants per unit
Canada Red 30.00
Crimson Red 65.00
German Wine 40.00
Strawberry Red 30.00
Rhubarb Order Total

Asparagus Plants

Product Price Number of units Total Price
Asparagus - BC Supplier - 50 bareroot plants per unit
Jersey Knight * 50.00
Mary Washington 50.00
Millenium * 75.00
Asparagus Order Total

Haskap Plants

Product Price Number of units Total Price
Haskap - BC Supplier 2.5" potted plants - minimum 16 of each variety
Aurora - 16 plants 100.00
Borealis - 16 plants 100.00
Honey Bee -16 plants 100.00
Tundra -16 plants 100.00
Haskap Order Total

Total Product Order
Deposit of (50%) included in order
Remainder due March 1, - No plants can be picked up without full payment
Preferred Plant Pickup week: Between February 28 and the Week of May 7,
All Orders Total
Important Information: Please read carefully!
  1. Orders must be received by November 28, 2018 and paid in full by March 1, 2019.
  2. Producers ordering must be FULL members of AFFPA, membership is $175.00/year Note: Please complete and return membership form with order (if 2019 membership has not been paid).  Membership renewal can be done on line by going to MEMBERS CORNER and drop down to FARM REGISTRATION.  Memberships can be paid online through PayPal or by e-transfer to
  3. A 50% DEPOSIT is required for all plants and must be received with order. Cheques payable to AFFPA and forward to Box 222 Rolling Hills, Alberta T0J 2S0.  You may also pay your deposit by e-transfer to  If you are paying membership and plant deposit together, please indicate in the notes - Plant deposit and membership dues 
  4. Additional plants may be obtained, but orders received after November 28, 2018 are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. All strawberry plants MUST be order in units of 3000 per variety.
  6. Orders of and exceeding 36,000 strawberry plants will be discounted $30.00 per unit (deducted from the second payment).
Strawberry Orders

Strawberry plants are sold in units of 3000. Approximately 1,000 - 1,500 per box

Rasberry  and Rhubarb Orders

Raspberry canes plants are sold in units of 200 bare root plants.

Rhubarb are sold in units of 10.

Asparagus Orders

Asparagus orders 3000 plants or more delivered directly to farm, 40% discount

  • * Asparagus varieties listed in Commercial Vegetable Production in the Prairies
  • Asparagus 5,800 to 10,900 plants per acre, commercial producers up to 16,000 plants/acre
Haskap Orders

This personal information is being collected under the authority of Section 32C of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used to compile a list of Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (AFFPA) members which will be distributed to AFFPA members only. The information collected will be published on the internet at for public information. If you have any questions or concerns, contact AFFPA at : 403-964-FARM (3276).

Please double check the form and confirm that your order details are correct.
Once confirmed, click the Confirm Order button and then the Submit Order button to submit the order.