Saskatoon & Cranberry Jam

  • 500 mL Sasktoon berries (2 c)
  • 500 mL cranberries (2 c)
  • 750 mL granulated sugar (3 c)
  • 50 mL water (1/4 c)


    Fill boiling water bath canner with hot water. Place 4 250 mL (1/2 pint) preserving jars in canner over high heat (to sterilize). Place metal snap lids in boiling water. Boil 5 min to soften sealing compound. Keep hot until ready to use.

    Place fruit in dutch oven. Crush it a little so juice will run. Mix in sugar, and water. Allow to stand 15 min. Cook until berries are soft, stirring often, mashing them for a more uniform texture, 20 - 30 min or until jell stage reached. Remove from heat. Pour into hot sterile jar. Leave 1 cm (1/2 inch) headspace. Clean jar rim. Center metal snap lids. Apply screw band just until fingertip tight. Place in canner. Repeat with remaining jars. Adjust boiling water level to 2.5 cm (1 inch) above jars. Cover canner. Process 5 min in boiling water bath. Begin process time when water returns to a boil. Remove from canner. Set upright and spaced apart out of drafts to cool. Cool 24 h. Test for seal (sealed lids curve downward in center). Remove screw bands. Wipe jars, label and date. Store in a cool dark location.

    Yield: 4 250 mL (1/2 pint) jars.