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Members Corner

2018 AFFPA Conference

February 22 & 23, 2018

At the Pomeroy Inn & Suites, Olds College Campus, Olds, Alberta

2018 Poster  

2018 Agenda - Final Version

There are 2 easy ways to register for the 2018 conference:

Register and pay online using your credit card via  Eventbrite


Download and print form below and mail it back to us with your cheque

2018 Registration Form   

2018 Student Registration Form

2018 Alberta Sips - Wine and Craft Beer Booth Registration Form

Box 20, Site 3, RR 1
Okotoks, AB T1S 1A1

AFFPA/AFMA Members Single Registration - 2 Days

  • $225.00 

Non- Members Single Registration - 2 Days

  • $275.00 

AFFPA/AFMA Members Single Registration - 1 Day

  • $125.00 

Non- Members Single Registration - 1 Day

  • $150.00

AFFPA Members Farm Unit Pair

  • -$40.00 for second person for 2 day registration 
  • -$20.00 for second person for 1 day registration 

Non- Members Farm Unit Pair

  • -$40.00 for second person for 2 day registration
  • -$20.00 for second person for 1 day registration

Farm to Market Conference Exhibitor and Sponsorship - Deadline January 31, 2018
  • AFFPA or AFMA Member- Trade Show and General Event Sponsor   $550.00
  • AFFPA or AFMA Member - Trade Show only                                        $400.00

  • Non Member - Trade Show and General Event Sponsor                      $650.00

  • Non Member - Trade Show only                                                           $500.00

  • Add additional attendee                                                                        $190.00


    Farm to Market Conference Corporate Sponsorship

The Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (AFFPA) started in 1985 with its original incorporation as Alberta Market Gardeners Association.  We are a membership-driven non-profit organization representing the interests of farm direct market growers.  Our mission is “Bringing fresh, healthy, local food and farm experiences to Alberta Communities by connecting local farms and local people.”  

The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) is also a membership-driven, non-profit organization representing the interests of member markets, vendors, sponsors and other supportive organizations through advocacy, education, promotion and innovation.  Please visit our website at www.albertamarkets.com  

Our two organizations have many things in common and are partnering up for again for a second year to present the “2018 Farm to Market Conference”.   Our grant money for was eliminated this year so our need is greater this year to cover speaker costs and expenses.   

On behalf of the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (AFFPA) and the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA), we are looking for sponsorship for this exciting conference to be held February 22 and 23, 2018 at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites in Olds, Alberta.  

Sponsors will be recognized during the event, in the registration package, and in our newsletter and social media feeds.  

Bronze Sponsor                                    $200.00


Silver Sponsor                                       $500.00


Gold Sponsor                                       $1000.00


Platinum Spon                                      $1500.00


    2018 AFFPA Membership Form

    Strawberry Plant Order

    One of the benefits of an AFFPA membership is the opportunity to participate in the annual 
    AFFPA bulk strawberry order.
    The Strawberry order form is available on this website under Strawberry Order Form
    Deadline is November 25, 2016.
    Planting instructions and variety information can be found at:

    Growing Forward 2 - Food Safety Systems Producer Grants - Includes protein, fruit and vegetable production

    UP to $5000.00 on a 70/30 Program Applicant 
    The purpose of this program is to help producers invest in equipment and tracking systems to improve On-Farm Food Safety practices, enhancing producers' business competitiveness and food safety performance.
    Under the GF2 program Food Safety Systems Producer Program, successful applicants are eligible for reimbursement of 70% of eligible activities intended to enhance On-Farm Safety (OFFS). The maximum payment  under this program is $5,000 and you must complete your activities within the government fiscal year in which you apply (between April 1 and February 28 of the following year). This fiscal year for applications received is from April 1, 2016 to Feb 28, 2017.  Producers can apply for eligible items purchased back to April 1, 2016 (proof of payment would have to be dated April 1, 2016 or later.)
    To be eligible under this Program, applicants must be enrolled/registered in their commodity specific OFFS program as of the date of application.

    The following groups are eligible to apply:
    -           Producers in Alberta who have an established primary business in production of crops or livestock
    -           Horticulture packers directly involved in grading and packing horticultural produce for human consumption.
    This is an easy and quick grant to apply for.  I have included the link to our website, which will direct the producers to the Terms and Conditions and the Application.

    For further information contact
    Laura Plant
    Program Services
    Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
    Food Safety Branch
    Safe Food Section

    List of CFIA Recognized On-Farm Food Safety Programs 
    The following OFFS Programs have been technically reviewed under the CFIA led recognition program and received a letter of completion, consist of a systematic hazard analysis critical control point based approach to promote the production of safe products at the farm level, and are represented by a set of production practices, including control measures, a producer manual, and a management manual: 
    * Canadian Cattlemen's Association - Verified Beef Production 
    * Dairy Farmers of Canada - Canadian Quality Milk Program 
    * Canadian Pork Council- Canadian Quality Assurance Program 
    * Canadian Egg Marketing Agency - Start Clean, Stay Clean Program 
    * Canadian Broiler Hatching Egg Marketing Agency - Canadian Hatching Egg Quality Program (CHEQTM
    * Chicken Farmers of Canada - Safe, Safer, Safest Program 
    * Turkey Farmers of Canada - TFC On-Farm Food Safety Program 
    * Canadian Sheep Federation - Food Safe Farm Practices 
    * Canadian National Goat Federation- Goat On-Farm Food Safety Program 
    * Chicken Farmers of Canada- Free Range On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program and Animal Care Program 
    * Canadian Egg Marketing Agency - Clean Start Pullet Program 
    * Canada Grains Council- ExcelGrains Canada 
    * Ontario Veal Association - National Program - Verified Veal Program 
    * Canadian Cervid Alliance "On-Farm Food Safety Recognition Program" 
    * Canadian Horticulture Council- CanadaGAP Programs for: Combined Vegetables 
    Leafy Vegetables and Cruciferae 
    Small Fruit 
    Tree and Vine Fruit 
    Greenhouse Product 

    * Canadian Herb, Spice and Natural Health Products Coalition- Good Agriculture and Collection Practices 

    This list will be periodically updated. (last update - January 2015) 

    December 9, 2015

    The Honourable Rachel Notley
    Premier of Alberta
    307 Legislature Building
    10800 - 97 Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6

    An open letter to the Honourable R. Notley and Members of the Cabinet,

    The Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (AFFPA) is a non-profit organization representing a collective of direct-marketing growers and farmers across Alberta. Our membership is made up of mainly small- and medium-sized farms. These are farms that employ seasonal labour in the busy seasons, and contribute substantially to building their local communities.

    Our membership and board of directors are vehemently opposed to the implementation of Bill 6 “Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act”, as currently written. The amendments implemented during the second reading of the bill are insufficient to protect the majority of our members from dire consequences, should this bill pass. Many members have expressed serious concerns, including the likelihood that this bill would render their operations untenable. Prior to proceeding with the legislative process, we implore the Notley government to conduct extensive consultation with farmers, growers, ranchers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector who will be directly affected by this legislation. The details of the bill need to be developed in conjunction with the farming community and not imposed upon us without collaboration.

    Clarification and consultation around the specifics of Bill 6 are crucial, and the amendments that your government has announced are not adequate to deal with the deficiencies in the proposed legislation.

    We are asking that the Government of Alberta suspend all action on Bill 6. Work with us and other agricultural organizations to find solutions that enhance farm safety and still ensure that farmers can maintain their livelihoods.

    Finally, your government published a list of organizations whom you claim to have consulted with during the development stages of Bill 6; AFFPA is on this list. While two board members did attend a “Farm Safety” meeting in March 2015, no details of Bill 6 were revealed, and no requests for input from our association were made. This is not a consultation and we are disappointed to see this false information published.

    Jered Serben, President
    Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association

    Interested in Farm Direct Marketing? 

    Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association is happy to announce that the educational manual: 
    "Seed, Nurture, Harvest - Steps to Success in Farm Direct Marketing "is now available. This well rounded reference manual features valuable information on becoming a farm direct marketer.  Chapters include: 
  • What is Farm Direct Marketing
  • Producer Success Stories
  • Safe Food-Farm Direct Advantage
  • Farmers' Markets Information
  • Alberta Water Act and You
  • Elements of a Business Plan
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Getting Control of Your Pricing: Bob Cobbledick
  • AgriTourism Insurance
  • Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association 
    Over 200 pages of information will help you establish a pathway to success and will become a longtime business reference. Add to it, make notes, learn, grow! 
    Call 403-964-FARM to receive your complimentary copy. Quantities are limited! Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association gratefully acknowledges the Province of Alberta, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for providing funding for the production of this manual. A special thanks to Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development for materials and staff members for their insight and additions to this manual and to the producers who took the time to be interviewed and shared their stories.
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