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It's all about local food...2,000 miles fresher!

It's all about finding local food...everything from A to Z!

It's all about finding local food growers …simply the best!

If you are a's all about YOU!

Join Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association...Today!

Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association is a vibrant group of agri-preneuers! Don't miss the opportunity to become a part of AFFPA's growing membership.

Whether you are an 'old hand' or just opening your farm gates for sales...this association is meant for you. Take a few minutes to scroll through the following information about the association, then fill out the membership and information forms and send them to us! We welcome all producers and look forward to becoming even more dynamic as we grow!


AFFPA is a voluntary membership, non-profit organization representing direct market growers. The Association is dedicated to supporting the production of farm direct market vegetable, berry and fruit crops, bedding plants, perennials, herbs, flowers, meats, poultry, eggs and other specialty items in Alberta. Most AFFPA members market directly to consumers via U-Pick farms, farm gate sales and/or through Farmers' Markets.

The AFFPA Board of Directors is comprised of seven producer members from across Alberta. Krista Miller administrates activities of the association.

AFFPA will continue province-wide promotions in 2012. Promotions of the association and members encourages customers to visit local farms, experience a taste of the country and purchase the best products in Alberta.

The membership deadline is January 31, 2014 to be included in the 2013 issue: "Come To Our Farms" guide. 45,000 copies of the guide are printed annually and distributed across the province and to AFFPA members. The guide features travel directions to member locations, products, special events and telephone numbers. It's a terrific marketing tool. The information is also included on this website, with provision for farms to have direct links to personal websites.

Benefits of AFFPA Membership

Not only does your membership of $145 include listing in the Come To Our Farms guide and on this Website, but also:

  • Toll free number support and email inquiry support for customers to find out where your farm is located and when products are available
  • Participation in promotional activities such as press releases, print, radio and TV interviews
  • Opportunity to obtain insurance with AgriTourism/Farm specialists: Capri Insurance Services Ltd., Kelowna,BC
  • Participating in the annual AFFPA bulk strawberry order at reduced prices
  • Reduced rates on AFFPA courses and workshops
  • Subscription to the quarterly AFFPA Direct Currents e-newsletter
  • Industry information and opportunities sent out to the membership via email
  • Free member advertising in the newsletter
  • A vote at the annual meeting
  • Support of horticultural research
  • Representation by the AFFPA board of directors on various committees of interest to members
  • Membership list of growers across the province
  • Networking opportunities

Become a member of this dynamic association today! It's all about YOU and the demand for your products!!

Farm information will be used to complete a personalized page on, for Google mapping on the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Web site; and 1-800 customer information service.